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Video Marketing for SMB’s – Is it worth it?

Video Marketing

Video Marketing for SMB’s – Is it worth it?

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The rate in which we all consume video is growing exponentially. With Google’s acquirement of YouTube it’s no surprise that sites with good video content are being rewarded. The better the content the closer you are to Googles front page. In the not too distant future, it can be expected that every search result will be backed up by a video.

Why is this? It’s because videos work, and they’re a much more interesting way to communicate information to your customers. Hubspot found that ‘64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video’. Paired up with a link through to the product or website that the video is about, you’ll get a lot more impressions and clicks from a video than text. Let’s face it, walls of text can be incredibly off-putting and tedious.

So why aren’t more businesses using video right now? That’s simple – most don’t know about the power of video, and those that do don’t have the means or methods to produce a top-quality video. This is where Loud Crowd IT can help, as we’re ready and available to create you an amazing video to suit your needs. You can talk about your product, service or business, or cover an event. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of getting in front of the camera, there’s plenty of different ways to portray information. But be aware that a human presence in a video can help your business look much more personal and relatable. Don’t do the hard back end work either, let us do the hard work for you. After all, a keen understanding of the technical side is important to get your video and website into the search engine listings.

75% of online marketers are keen users of video content, which isn’t nearly enough. The only real issue is client resources or contractors that are far too expensive. Most clients can’t afford thousands for a singular video piece that some charge. And it can get especially difficult when you’re in need of multiple videos a month to be effective. This is fine with us, as we don’t charge ridiculous prices, and we’re always nearby to offer our creative input.

If an image tells a thousand words, then a video is potentially millions upon millions of words.

Content is very important to aid your search engine optimisation and to gain search engine rankings. But it has to be quality content as nobody will watch your video if it’s bad! Also, the longer your video, the less likely people are to watch it as it’s too easy to switch to something else. Not only that, but Google will measure the engagement of your content. This means if your viewers are closing your video way before it’s finished then your video will get a black mark. Which makes it less effective and harder to find in the rankings. So, shorter videos are least likely for users to disengaged from. A strong short video can be much more powerful and cheaper than a drawn out longer one!

Video is without a doubt the future of the web; it will be what will beat your competitors in 2017. If you chose to be part of the 10% of businesses that are moving to video this year, then get in touch and find out what we can do for you. To put things into a different perspective, a video could have summed up this blog post in under one minute. Amazing, right?

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Nick Leavy - SEO and Content
Nick Leavy - SEO and Content